Slate Roofing in Houston, TX

Your home is a work of art. Make a statement with Barrier Roof Systems. We install and maintain slate roofing in Houston, Texas. When you place a slate roof on your home, you show your neighbors that you are invested in your property. Contact us for a free estimate and improve the value of your home. Our slate roof contractor has the knowledge, experience, and dedication to help you make the most of your new roof.


Advantages of a Slate Roof

For absolute aesthetic appeal and strength, the slate roof has no equal. This roofing type is hewn from high-quality stone and specially shaped to create a unique visual effect for your roof. Simply put, slate roofing imparts a natural and timeless appeal that is difficult to recreate. Available in many different textures and designs, this option allows you to invest in a look that is completely yours. With distinct visual appeal and customizability, a slate roof installation is sure to make your home the envy of the block.

Slate roofing is a sure investment. When properly installed, a slate roof can easily last for more than a century. For this reason, this roofing option is well-renowned for its timeless appeal. On top of that, slate is a fireproof material. Since the shingles are hewn directly from stone, slate roofing cannot combust from stray sparks or flames. For a home that can stand the test of time, slate is a solid choice.

Solid Slate Roof Installation and Maintenance Services

You deserve to be a proud homeowner. Enhance your property’s value, and your personal prestige, with our slate roof installation and maintenance services. Thanks to our more than 10 years of roofing experience, our slate roof company has the equipment and personnel to realize your vision for a complete home. Our wide range of services includes installation, replacement, inspections, and repairs.

Your Dedicated Slate Roof Contractor

Slate is an ornate roofing option. When you work with our slate roof contractor, you work with a team that treats your investment like a commitment. Our team has the training and experience to properly place, and maintain, your slate roof so it stands firm against time and Nature. We do not consider the job complete until we gain your approval. Our dedication to excellence and your satisfaction means the world to us.

The Accommodating Slate Roof Company

As your licensed, bonded, and insured slate roof company, we have the technical expertise and resources to install a durable roof within your schedule and budget. We uphold a culture of professionalism in every project we complete, no matter the size. Contact us to learn more about our slate roofing services. A beautiful, more resilient home is within your reach.

Contact our slate roofing company today to learn more about our services. We proudly serve residents in Houston, Texas.

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